Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome to my personal slot in the Matrix

Hoi Chummers,

I suppose your wondering how you got here through all of the other Matrix activity on this grid? Don't worry I didn't hack your 'link,and I aint planning some datasteal, it was that ARO that pop'd up in your AR. If you understand all that jazz, slot some time and I'll tell you some pretty interesting drek.

You can call me JT for now cuz I don't trust just anyone, especially an Elf. Not to many of us are willing to share our stories, but frag it I'm on my way out of the 'biz and this will be my memoir of sorts. Yeah, I like that. My own personal account of my life in the shadows. Heck, maybe I'll even sell the rights to it and someone will make a trideo about it!

Enough of that drek... I gotta slot and run for now, but rest assured chummers you'll be hearing a lot more for ol' JT.


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