Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Frag, how could we not have seen that one coming…? Ok, let me back this up for a minute and give you the whole story.


So I get called on to this job, boosting some rich dude’s car. He tells me that his ex-girlfriend still has it and he wants it back. No problem. It’s some high dollar sports car, with all the bells and whistles. I accept the job, should be an easy one cuz he gave me the cars access codes, VIN, and plate numbers. The Johnson offers me 4,000, but I talk his cheap ass up to 6,000 and decided that I should call in a team on this one. Luckily I had a few guys already lined up; with some small talk I set up a meet for the team to go over the details.


There isn’t a lot to planning a car jack, especially when you already know where the car is going to be, and have all of the info you need to drive it away.


We took to the street to do some scouting, and found ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I guess it was kinda my fault for calling a troll to take a job in a known Humanispoliclub area.  Just as we are getting to the place these three gangers come cruising by on their bikes. Guess they didn’t like seeing the troll, cuz they threw some lead his way. Lucky for him aiming isn’t their strong suit. They may have gotten the jump on us, but they didn’t know who they were dealing with. A moment later and those wanna be thugs were splayed out like yesterday’s trash in an apartment that Lonestar just tossed.


Now I’m not too squeamish, but the fragging troll decided to hack them up right in the middle of the street. What a dumb fragger… Luckily for us he must have found some common sense and tossed the bodies into the alley dumpster.  Not only was the troll playing DocWagon, but our street sam decided to play magician and did a disappearing act.  That just meant less of the pay had to be split up, and I’m ok with that.


All of that noise brought Lonestar poking around, but those creeps are even more worthless than the gangers at finding out what really went down. I’m pretty quick on my feet, and decided to pose as one of the building security guards so that they wouldn’t try and pin a triple on me. The Mojo worked, and they didn’t even think twice about me as a suspect.


Back to work as we had a pretty tight deadline and we hadn’t even gotten in to the building yet. I was glad I put a hacker on the payroll for this job, cuz that building was locked up tighter than Jackpoint. If it weren’t for him, we could have been out in the cold and a few nuyen light at the end of the night.


This is where things start to make me worry. We slipped in without any problems, grabbed the car and were back on our way. Sounds too easy, right? Well it was! After we grabbed the car and headed out I gave Mr. Johnson a quick call to arrange a meeting to drop off the car. ‘Ditch it” he says, who the frag pays good money to have a car jacked just to turn around and ditch it?

Someone who is trying to set somebody up, that’s who! Lucky for us we wiped it down before we left….


I guess that will teach us to keep our hands clean next time, that could have gone south in a hurry if we were caught with the stolen car….

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